Why tradebhawan
“We don’t sell Leads, We ensure Trade. Payment advance, No Credit.
Completely transparent, yet secret.

We don’t sell Leads, We ensure Trade. – Unlike other B2B portals, our company is not selling you leads and enquiries obtained from buyers. You shall be contacted by our website after a Serious Buyer commitment fee on our platform to show his seriousness and commitment about procuring material from the platform. 

Payment advance, No Credit. – Our Platform is designed to facilitate trade on advance payment basis meaning that you shall make the payment direct sellers company account. The payment obligations shall be completed by the buyer well before the dispatch of goods from your premise. 

Completely transparent, yet secret. – Our charges and commissions are completely transparent and your trade credentials like rate, quantity, etc. are completely secret. We shall never publish at what rate did you get the order.

Please contact us at [email protected] or +91-8700899195 if you have any additional questions.