Bangur Cement in bulk

Bangur OPC 43 Grade Cement – This is a renowned brand from the house of Shree Cement. It is easy to work and durable and high cohesion. It is preferred for load bearing structures, domestic and commercial construction projects. Variety of quantity is available of Bangur 43 OPC cement at Trade Bhawan. Basic quantity size starts from 50 Kg. Different packaging size and bags are also available. Call us, for the best price. 

 Bangur OPC 53 Grade Cement – This is an ideal choice for all sorts of civil, commercial and industrial construction needs. OPC 53 grade cement gives extreme strength and durability to commercial and civil structures. Its impeccable compression strength, resilience and cost effectiveness has sustained the trust of many engineers and builders all across the country.  At Trade Bhawan only you can get the best ever price of this cement. Call us now!

Bangur PPC Cement – To get best price of Bangur PPC Cement, you can rely upon Trade Bhawan. You can buy this cement for mass concrete, marine and OPC substitution works. This is the most preferred choice of professional civil engineers and construction contractors. Bangur PPC is also being used for artistic architectural projects due to its fine particles, maximum strength compression and highest durable or impermeable properties. 

Note -Trade Bhawan offers you a wide range of packaging sizes and loose bags cement in different quantity starting from 50 KGs and more. We welcome bulk orders and deliver it quickly. We are dedicated to fulfill your bulk Bangur Cement needs for any Construction Project size. Call us today to get a quick quote or enquire online for more details.

Tradebhawan is a leading supplier of bulk cement available online at best prices directly from manufacturer.

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