JK Super Cement in bulk

JK Super Cement-OPC 53 Grade – It is exceptional grade cement ideal for large size construction projects. It is manufactured as per the BIS quality standard. This is a certified product available in different packaging sizes and quantities. For maximum strength, power and durability; OPC 53 grade is a best choice. If you are interested to purchase JK Super Cement OPC 53 grade cement, then Trade Bhawan is an ideal place to shop with.

OPC 43 Grade – This cement is widely used for residential and commercial constructions. JK Super Cement 43 Grade gives durability and strength to buildings. Trade Bhawan provides different packaging sizes and quantities of this cement bag. 

JK Super Cement PPC or Portland Pozzolana Cement – It is available in 43 and 53 grades. Many civil engineers and professional construction contractors use this cement type for building hard and durable concrete structures. Mostly it is used for the medium paced construction work. This cement has a high pressure resistance capability to withstand more than 23 mega Pascal. It is high constructional grade cement perfect for the plastering works, non RCC structures, pathways and other concrete works. 

Trade Bahwan is a one stop source to shop genuine and certified cement of the renowned brands only. JK Super Cement is available in unique and safe packaging. We offer cement bags of 50KG and more quantities. If you need JK Super Cement bags in a bulk quantity then Trade Bhawan can help. We give the best and discounted deals on branded and genuine cement products. We serve dealers, civil professionals and contractors. For a quick quote, call us!

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