Amba tmt bar in bulk

Trade Bhawan is the supplier of quality construction material to individuals, builders, construction companies, leading industries and more. We are popular for providing branded and quality TMT bars at the most affordable price anytime. 

Explore Amba Group 

Amba group offers a tri-core emphatic TMT bar that is disaster-resistant and pure enough to provide the desired strength to the building structure of the customers. From the core, it has a three-layer setting that assures customers and builders of the supreme quality to handle the strength of the structure. Amba group assures the customers that your structure will become immortal. These TMT bars are completely tested and approved by authorities like IIT. 

Amba Group has a huge production unit with the latest tech-based ultra-modern facility that helps maintain the temperature of the rolling process of TMT bars. The expert professional team produces the bars in different densities and sizes as per the requirement of the industries. The pure process ensures that the core is equally powerful to make the bars strong enough for any structure. 

Salient specialities 

The TMT bar from the Amba group has some specific features that make it exceptional and much desired among various customers for building or any construction. 

  • Completely suitable for seismic zones, these TMT bars help structures resist rough weather and natural disasters. 
  • Makers claim that due to the microstructure formation of these TMT bars, these bars can resist heat up to 500-600C. 
  • These bars are combined with perfect carbon and manganese measures to delay the rusting process, helping the structures well. 
  • Amba assures the customers of the longer life of TMT bars in coastal areas. 

You can seamlessly access these quality TMT bars at the best price through Trade Bhawan. Contact us anytime; we are ready to serve you with any requirement. 

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