Ultratech Cement in bulk

Trade Bhawan is a one stop resource of cement all across the nation. We welcome construction contractors, builders and individuals looking for best price Ultratech Cement. We can give you the best deal ever! We offer Ultratech Cement, the best cement being used for various construction needs. 

Ordinary Portland Cement – This is most commonly used cement for a wide range of construction applications perfect for high strength concretes, masonry and plastering works and precast concrete products like blocks and pipes. The OPC or Ordinary Portland Cement is also used for specialized works like precast and pre-stressed concrete. 

  • OPC 43 Grade Cement- This cement type has fine grinding of clinkers and gives compressive strength. It is comparatively available in cheap rates than other grades of cements. OPC 43 grade cement is usually used for non structural projects such as plastering flooring. 
  • OPC 53 Grade Cement- This is the most preferred building and construction material for projects. It has the grinding clinkers to the maximum extent. This cement type generates high strength and high heat of hydration. It is majorly used in the civil construction projects like high strength concrete bridges, runways RCC works and more. 

Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC) – This cement is blended and inter-ground with pozzolanic materials like calcined clay, fly ash, rice husk ash, and also some quantities of gypsum or pozzolanic materials. Pozzolanas do not have cementitious properties but when reacts with calcium hydroxide form compounds with cementitious properties due to the presence of moisture at normal temperature. PPC cement has high ultimate strength and is more durable. It resists wet cracking and thermal cracking. 

Ultra Tech Premium – This is the most revolutionary cement formed as per every home builder’s expectations. It is a blend of high reactive silica and slag; gives ultimate strength, durability and protection to your home. This cement covers you from the toughest weather conditions, corrosion and shrinkage cracks. The cement is engineered with great excellence add value to concrete; makes it dense and impermeable. 

Tradebhawan is a leading supplier of bulk cement available online at best prices directly from manufacture.

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