Ambuja Cement in bulk

Ambuja Cement is an established brand all across India and they are the sole company to introduce OPC 53 grade of cement. Ambuja Cement is known for high strength and high performance. 

Ambuja Cement OPC 53 Grade – This is the first cement company to receive the ISO 9002 quality certification. It is crafted with a use of state of the art technology. Ambuja Cement OPC 53 grade can be used by individual home builders, masons and contractors and professionals. This cement type is used in various construction works both residential and commercial. It comes in premium packaging size of 50KG bags. For a discounted deal, you can call Trade Bhawan. 

Ambuja Cement OPC 43 Grade – For all civil engineering requirements OPC 43 grade cement is best to use. This cement has superb strength and durability, safe for all construction works. It is versatile in nature and easy to work. The active hydraulic binders give maximum and powerful holding capacity to a concrete structure. 

Ambuja Cement PPC Cement –  Ambuja PPC Cement is a reputed product and prime choice of engineers. It gives excellent durability and strength to the building. For all types of construction works, Ambuja PPC cement is a wise choice. 

Ambuja OPC and PPC Cement are available in unique packaging size of 50 KG. You can place bulk orders. Trade Bhawan gives you the best ever deal.  We provide only certified and genuine quality cement. You can call us to get a quick quote and great offers.

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Tradebhawan is a leading supplier of bulk cement available online at best prices directly from manufacturer.

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